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Our Systems - POLYGLOW BICYCLE TRACK smooth version
  • Material
    Consumption kg/sq.m.
  • GLOW.PRO G101
  • GLOW.PRO G109
    special pore filler
  • GLOW.PRO G103
    modified sealing coating
    glow.pro glowing granules
  • GLOW.PRO G103
    modified sealing coating

Revolutionary, innovative GLOW system for bicycle tracks made from quartz aggregates.

It is applied in six layers over clean surfaces with the parallel use of GLOW PRO granules and special, modified, two-component PU, UV-resistant resins.

These modified resins let the final coating release the glow at night, during total dark or even in lighted areas but with the usage of our special black-light bulbs or spiral black-lights.


Steps :

1. Preparation of the surface to achieve the proper adhesion with the glow coating.

2. Priming of the surface with the GLOW.PRO MODIFIED PRIMER G101, two-component primer, in one layer with consumption of 0,25 kg per square meter.

3. Application of the special polyurethane pore filler, GLOW.PRO PORE FILLER G109, to smooth out the surface.

4. Application of the GLOW.PRO SEALING COATING G103.

5. Broadcasting of GLOW ELEMENTS.

6. Sealing with the GLOW.PRO SEALING COATING G103, two-component coating, in two layers which helps the system to glow, total consumption of 0,4 kg per square meter.

Application by airless or by rollers.

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