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The Glow Pro Company
GLOW.PRO Company - Limited Warranty
Subject to the terms and condiOons herein, GLOW.PRO Company warrants its glow systems and products to be free from manufacturing defects and to glow under normal usage for a period of 15 years from the date of purchase with a 1-2% devaluaOon per year and of course if applicaOon is performed according to the specificaOon of the systems and the TECHNICAL DATE SHEET of the systems. The warranty coverage is limited to the original purchaser and is not transferable by no means. The terms of this limited warranty are subject to the exclusions, limitaOons and restricOons as set forth as follows:

Exclusions from Warranty Coverage

GLOW.PRO Company will have no liability under this warranty for, and no implied warranty shall be deemed to cover, any damages or failures related to or caused by : Inappropriate applicaOon on the site, sandstorm effect that will lead to sand standing and cover the system without being cleaned by water or brushed away, damages caused by natural causes including but not limited to hurricane, flooding earthquake, lightening or other types of natural disaster, environmental condiOons, damages caused by any act of human including applying blunt force, bomb or other force, or as a result of unforeseen circumstances , acts of negligence or product misuse or abuse, structure or structural failure, inadequate substrate or substrate related failures including cracking or excessive deflecOon, normal wear and tear through the years, any chemical interacOons such as cleaning of the surface with solvent or strong chemicals (only water is suggested and air blowers) or coverage or coaOngs which block or impede light transmission and recepOon, failure to comply with our technical data sheets and other wri?en instrucOons. The success of the systems as per glow has - to follow two parameters: To be used in dark areas without any lighOng with the glow effect result according to our diagram or to be used in lightened areas with the parallel use of special bulbs, spotlights or spiral bulbs in the exisOng lighOng structure with the same strength and glow through all the night without any devaluaOon at all.
In case the system is used in lightened areas without the special bulbs or spotlights the result will not be the appropriate and GLOW.PRO Company will share no liability on that by no means.

Special Guarantee – GLOW.PRO Glow Stone

GLOW.PRO Company guarantees that Glow Stone is the brightest photo luminescent stone available. Further that GLOW.PRO Glow Stone will conOnue to glow for over 8 hours aOer being fully charged for a minimum of 60 minutes in sunlight.


Except for the express wri?en warranty contained herein, GLOW.PRO Company makes no other warranOes, guarantees or indemniOes, whether express or implied, arising by law, course of dealing, usage of trade, customer or otherwise, including but not limited to the implied warranty of merchantability and implied warranty of fitness for a parOcular purpose and all such other warranOes, guarantees and indemniOes are hereby disclaimed, overridden and excluded. This limitaOon may not be applicable in certain jurisdicOons which do not allow limitaOons on the length of an implied warranty. The LiabiliOes of GLOW.PRO Company are limited solely and exclusively to the obligaOons specifically undertaken herein, and under no circumstances will GLOW.PRO Company be liable or obligated for any incidental, consequenOal, indirect or special, puniOve or any other damages of any kind whatsoever, whether foreseeable or unforeseeable, arising out of breach or failure of express or implied warranty, breach of contract, fraud, misrepresentaOon, negligence, strict liability in tort or otherwise, or any other cause of acOon, except and only to the extent that this LimitaOon is specifically precluded by applicable law of mandatory applicaOon. The Liability of GLOW.PRO Company with respect to this warranty shall in no event exceed the replacement of such product or refund of the original purchase price at our sole discreOon. Some states/jurisdicOons do not allow the exclusion or limitaOon of incidental or consequenOal damages, so the above limitaOon or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state or other jurisdicOons.

This wriOng is understood and intended to be the final expression of the GLOW.PRO Company Warranty and is a complete and exclusive statement of the terms and condiOons with respect thereto, superseding all prior agreements or representaOons, oral or wri?en, and all other communicaOons relaOng to Product Warranty. This warranty may not be altered or amended except in a wri?en instrument executed by GLOW.PRO Company. No agent, employee or any other party is authorized to make any warranty in addiOon to that made in this warranty and GLOW.PRO shall not be bound by any such statements other than those contained in this warranty.
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